We foster dogs and kittens!

It's not always easy, especially when we have to say goodbye, but it is always rewarding.  

We take time to learn about each animal, their temperament, how they behave around kids, and dogs.  Then we can recommend the best environment for them to be adopted into!

If you're not ready to adopt, why not give fostering a try?!?

our furry fosters



collect & deliver

  • We collect USED bedding, blankets, throw rugs, linens

  • We collect NEW dog/cat toys, treats and food

  • We deliver all items to the NYC ACC on 110th street, or individual rescue organizations, as needed.


  • Meet monthly at the Pillows for Paws sewing circle to make beds and toys for the shelter dogs, cats and bunnies.

  • We have hosted two P4P JR events - where KIDS get to make the goodies!

  • In urgent situations, we will bring dogs, or kittens (including newborn) into our home to provide TLC and learn about them to help place in the most appropriate forever home.

  • All kinds of fun stuff!  From comedy night fund-raisers, to transporting animals. Some of the projects aren't kid-focused so Mom does the work on those.